Evidence shows FBI not only knew Hillary was guilty, but that best bud Sydney Blumenthal wanted access to ‘billions’ of dollars

POTUS Trump warns Iran: ‘It’s very easy for us to make things WORSE’ (Video)

American universities are breeding grounds for China-run theft of U.S. military secrets, but finally, a spy is going to prison

Report: Ilhan Omar’s Somali community in Minnesota sends ‘$100 million a year’ back home in support of terrorist group Boko Haram

Why is Rand Paul helping Iran try to get sanctions lifted at a time when POTUS Trump has them on the ropes?

Another Ivy League psychiatrist violates APA rules with long-distance mental ‘diagnosis’ of POTUS Trump

Surprise! The top 10 most popular governors in the USA are all…Republicans

TNS Comedy Presents…MAGA(ing) In America – July 19, 2019 Episode (Video)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce moves again to wreck Trump economy by pushing GOP to back Dem minimum wage hike

The Marine Corps just used an awesome new weapon to kill an Iranian drone

Collapse of Austin into mass homelessness and filth is a warning for all of America: This is what Democrats do

Gowdy says House ‘now irrelevant’ after sham Barr, Ross ‘contempt vote’ but wasn’t that the Democrats’ plan all along? (Video)

McConnell just grew a set, says Trump’s comments about ‘The Squad’ didn’t go far enough

Left-wing Dems pushing $15-an-hour minimum wage bill, but where is Congress’ authority to force businesses to pay it?

Confirmed: Ilhan Omar did marry her brother to cheat immigration system, analysis finds

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