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Obama signs massive new land grab in Nevada, Utah, near Bundy Ranch

Is this just another land mine Obama is placing before leaving office Jan. 20?

President Obama has created the potential for a new armed standoff out West after essentially stealing a million more acres of land from Nevada and Utah.

According to the White House, Obama recently signed executive orders designating two new national monuments–Golden Butte and Bears Ears–encompassing land in Nevada that just happens to butt up against a ranch owned by Cliven Bundy.

In addition, included in this latest grab is land where an armed standoff took place between allies of Bundy and agents of the Bureau of Land Management in 2014.

As reported by Intellihub:

With a stroke of the pen President Obama has unilaterally declared vast swaths of land in Utah and Nevada as two new national monuments, thus putting them under control of the federal government.

Startlingly, the area in Nevada includes the site of the infamous Bundy Ranch standoff as well as land very close to the Bundy Ranch itself. With this move Obama has possibly triggered another armed standoff while also heading off any moves set to be made by incoming president Donald Trump.

Is this just another land mine Obama is placing before leaving office Jan. 20? Will it escalate into yet another stand by patriots against an oppressive federal government? It all remains to be seen, but clearly this is just another problem of this president’s creation.


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