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Trump inaugural speech: Short, non-ideological and focused on three big ideas

The whole world is waiting to her the new president’s vision for America

(NationalSentinel) The world and financial markets are hyper-focused on what newly-minted President Donald J. Trump will say in his inaugural speech: Will he go off-target? What does he plan to say? Will it be inspiring? A sop to his supporters?

As reported exclusively by Axios, a source with the Trump transition team said the new president’s speech will focus on three big ideas:

  1. “The speech is an attempt to address the deep structural problems facing American society. … We’re talking here about decades-long problems.”
  2. The speech is “not ideological”: “It’s a rejection of ideological thinking. Ideological thinking is always looking at the world through a strictly dogmatic prism. It’s having a set of beliefs that are uncompromising.”
  3. The speech will convey “that a nation and its people and its affairs are like a family and you need to take care of them.”

In addition, the web site said the source projected the speech would be on the shorter side–more JKF length (1,366 words) than Bill Clinton (2,155 at his second inaugural).

It wasn’t clear whether Trump will discuss in greater length his vision for the economy, which was lacking in last week’s press conference.

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