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Most Democrats say party hurting itself with perpetual Trump hate

(NationalSentinel) A new survey by Rasmussen Reports found that a solid majority of Democratic voters – 63 percent – say the party is hurting itself with perpetual Trump hate and opposition.

“Most voters agree that it’s bad for America and bad for the Democratic Party if Democrats continue to flat out oppose everything President Trump does. Even Democrats are conflicted about their party’s scorched earth policy,” said the polling service on its web site.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that only 29% of all Likely U.S. Voters think it’s better for the country if Democrats oppose the president in every way possible. Sixty-three percent (63%) say it’s better for the country if Democrats try to work with the president instead,” the survey noted.

Democratic leaders and their Alt-Left allies in the discredited mainstream media, however, appear tone deaf to their voters’ concerns, as the latest ridiculously hypocritical ‘outrage’ over the way Kellyanne Conway sat on a couch in the Oval Office yesterday during a visit between President Donald Trump and African-American academic leaders of historically black colleges.

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Still, there is some feeling among Democrat voters that their party ought to be doing something to oppose Trump and the GOP. Rasumussen:

Forty-four percent (44%) of Democrats feel it’s better for both the country and their party if they oppose the new president as much as possible. But 46% say it’s better for America if Democrats try to work with Trump, and 45% say it’s better for their party, too.

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1 Comment on Most Democrats say party hurting itself with perpetual Trump hate

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THIS ARTICLE! BUT IF PERPETUAL DEMOCRATIC OUTRAGE HELPS ELECT MORE REPUBLICANS, P;EASE CONTINUE” I think the Dems are so controlled by the socialist/communist’s they can’t stop, it is part of their mantra. The Alinski mentality. I am hopeful that the average American is still in favor of ‘the rule of law”, and understand what treason and sedition are. That is what is going on certainly with HIllary and the former president. Hopefully, there is still a majority of Americans who can think clearly and determine what is best for this country. Thousands of vile mouthed women on the streets of DC aren’t. Paid rioters are not! The non elected are not part of the rule of law or the best interests of this country. If you really care about the minorities then collapsing the country is NOT in the best interest of the people of this nation. IT is fascinating and terrifying to look ahead to see what the results of the next year will be.

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