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‘Obamacare repeal not dead’ vows Freedom Caucus chair, as voters blame GOP, not Trump, for epic fail of Ryan bill

Did GOP leaders just outsmart themselves with Obamacare repeal failure?

(NationalSentinel) Congress: Smarting from their failure to pass an Obamacare repeal measure last week, some of Congress’ most conservative House members say that the effort to get rid of a law everyone knows is tanking the health insurance and health care industry is not dead yet.

Leader of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said despite being blasted by President Donald J. Trump, he was certain the repeal effort would get done.

“To put a stake in it today would not be accurate,” he said on ABC’s This Week, noting that the intra-party conversations in the past two days have been about regrouping on healthcare.

As further reported by the Washington Examiner:

He said that it will be the responsibility of conservatives, like him, and moderates to unite around a replacement measure.

On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted out criticism of the Freedom Caucus for rallying opposition to the healthcare legislation from the right. Meadows was a leader in that effort, negotiating unsuccessfully with Trump to change the bill.

Nevertheless, Meadows still said he believes in Trump’s leadership. “The most valuable player will be Donald Trump on this,” he said. “He will deliver.”

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Well, he won’t deliver if he doesn’t have legislation to sign, so there’s that. And there is also this – and congressional Republicans would be wise to let this soak in – Trump supporters are not blaming him for this despicably inept Obamacare reform effort, Reuters notes, they are blaming Republicans in Congress (and some are also blaming Democrats).

So if the Ryan legislation was meant to fail as a way of ‘informing’ the president who’s really in charge on Capitol Hill, it didn’t succeed.

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