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House GOP reminds leadership their constituents STILL want Obamacare gone

If the GOP blows this, it blows any chance of keeping power

(NationalSentinel) Healthcare: It shouldn’t need saying, given the massive opposition Republican voters have always had to Obamacare, but some House GOP members are reminding their leaders that constituents have not changed their minds.

As reported by the Washington Times, one Florida GOP rep says that not only will Republicans eventually repeal and replace the failing Affordable Care Act, but that voters remain committed to its repeal as well:

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis said on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom” that voters in his district “absolutely” want Obamacare repealed and replaced, despite recent polling that indicates the public view may be more favorable to fixing the current law rather than scrapping it entirely.

Mr. DeSantis said that his constituents told him it was their unhappiness with the replacement plan that caused them to withdraw support.

“Voters are frustrated with the product that was produced,” he said.

But Mr. DeSantis said he believes the party can come together on a replacement plan in the near future.

“I absolutely think we can pass something relatively soon,” he said.

They’d better, or 2018 will be brutal. Worse, Democratic victories will be horrific for the country. Remember where it was headed when they were large and in charge under Obama?

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