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Kellyanne blasts MSNBC hosts over phony allegations she secretly loathes Trump

It’s too bad that Conway has to take valuable time out of her day to respond to such tripe

(National SentinelPolitical Media: It has become quite obvious that the so-called Establishment press has completely lost all sense of fairness and has transformed itself into little more than a Trump-hate enterprise.

On Monday MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough, a former GOP congressman from Florida, and Mike Brzezinski (these two are engaged to be married, by the way), claimed that during a commercial break in which they were interviewing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, the close Trump aide professed to them that she couldn’t stand the then-GOP nominee she was working for.

But, as reported by Fox News:

Conway, who in August became Trump’s third – and final – campaign manager, allegedly spoke far differently about Trump when the cameras were switched off, “Morning Joe” cohosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski claimed on Monday. Conway called the two “virulent critics” of Trump and said the “sentiments” attributed to her were “not true,” posting a lengthy response posted to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

She posted:

The parade of fake news in the Age of Trump is both absurd and unprecedented. The “mainstream” media outlets and networks are demonstrating what real journalists and reporters have known for decades: They are staffed with Marxist, Democrat-supporting sycophants pretending to be “objective” when in fact they are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Alt-Left.

It’s too bad that Conway has to take valuable time out of her day to respond to such tripe.

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