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Judge Janine to GOP: ‘You’re in power, damn it – DO something!’

(National SentinelPolitics: In her usual take-no-prisoners style, Fox News host Judge Janine Pirro took on the Republican establishment (RINOs) during her “Justice” program Saturday night, essentially accusing them of defrauding voters who gave the party a governing majority but still cannot get basic campaign promises – tax reform and Obamacare repeal-and-replace – passed.

Organic-Storable-Food-Supply-MRShe also chastised party leaders for deferring too much to opposition Democrats, who are working non-stop to sabotage President Trump’s and the GOP’s legislative priorities, up to and including backing the numerous investigations (by Republican-controlled congressional committees) into all of the bogus “Russian collusion” and “obstruction of justice” charges, Breitbart News reported.

She accused the establishment Republicans leaders of watching the Democrats “railroad their president,” and then urged them to prove their loyalty by convincing everyone that they are not in on the “effort to take down” Trump.

“The Republican establishment not fighting for the commander-in-chief as day after day they watch him being savaged, forcing him to defend himself and run the country. Think about it. If he’s knocked out, the succession is clear and things go back to the way they were,” Pirro said.

“You’re in power, damn it!” she later noted. “Do something, pass something, cut this kumbaya crap, put on your big boy pants and act like you’re in power, act like you give a damn! And more importantly, convince us that you are not in on the effort to take down the president of the United States.”


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  1. They absolutely are in on it.

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