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CNN forced to AGAIN retract a fake news story that claimed a Trump advisor was under investigation for ‘Russia’ ties

(National SentinelJournalistic malpractice: Another day, another fake news piece about Team Trump getting retracted from a preeminent member of the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream” media.

As reported by The Daily CallerCNN was forced once more to retract a story that was based on an “anonymous” congressional source claiming that Anthony Scaramuci, a member of the transition team’s executive committee, as well as a fundraiser and adviser for the president’s campaign, was under congressional investigation:

The story, which was based on the statements of an anonymous congressional official, has since been deleted and replaced with an editor’s note.

CNN claimed Senate investigators are looking into whether or not Scaramucci discussed lifting sanctions with Kirill Dmitriev, the chief executive of the $10-billion Russian Direct Investment Fund, in a meeting just four days before President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“On June 22, 2017, published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund,” the editor’s note said.

“That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.”

The Daily Caller noted further:

The Russian Direct Investment Fund is a government-operated investment tool that has helped private-equity firms in the U.S. invest in Russia. Scaramucci met the investment fund’s chief executive Dmitriev in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum, where he expressed a desire for more outreach with Russia and other countries, like China.

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin called for an investigation into whether Scaramucci attempted to “facilitate prohibited transactions” or to lift sanctions. Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin said, before he was sworn in, that he would look into “whether further investigation of this matter is warranted.”

A spokesperson for the Russian investment fund told CNN that Scaramucci and Dmitriev did not discuss sanctions during their rather short meeting abroad. CNN, however, strung the pieces together by pointing out that the Russian official has been adamantly calling for an end to sanctions, while Scaramucci has also questioned the approach.

First of all, CNN no longer has “editorial standards” when it comes to reporting on the current administration. It’s reporters and editors are so affected by  Trump Derangement Syndrome they no longer have any desire to even perform basic fact-checking before running otherwise unconfirmed stories that paint the Trump White House in a bad light.

Secondly, this lame apology isn’t good enough; if Scaramuci wanted to get a lawyer and sue CNN for whatever he can get, he’s got a pretty good case for slander.

Until the dishonest “mainstream” media pays dearly for what has become chronic journalistic malpractice, the slandering fake news will continue.


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