California secession movement about to get help — from a Utah conservative

(National SentinelSecession: California’s bid to secede from the United States after Donald J. Trump became president is about to get some help from an unlikely source: A conservative state Republican in Utah.

As reported by the Salt Lake City Tribune, Rep. Paul Ray is planning on introducing legislation that would essentially be a show of support for California’s effort. The paper noted:

Ray, a conservative Republican from Clearfield — spurred by frustration over California’s liberal politics and the “whining” of some of its residents about wanting to leave the United States — has started drafting a resolution for the 2018 legislative session that would offer support for the most populous state to secede from the union.

“This is just kind of a wake-up call from the state of Utah that says, ‘You know what? You guys don’t get it,’” Ray said. “They don’t control other states and, quite honestly, most of us don’t really care for their politics.”

His draft legislation would, among other things, call for tariffs on California for its energy and water it gets from the 31st most populous state.

“They think that they’re owed a lot and they just think they’ve got the power to dictate, but if they really look at it, they can’t function without federal money going into California and doing business with other states,” he said. “For them to sit there and think they can make their own country and they can do this … they’re smoking too much of their medical marijuana.”

He added that the likelihood California will be successful is a “long shot,” but the effort is ongoing anyway and is actually picking up steam.


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Hypothetically, if California were even remotely successful in leaving this great Union of the United States, there would be a mass exodus of people leaving that state. I know. I live here and many of us are sick of the acerbic, liberal, asymmetrical ideologies that permeates life here. Businesses would be forced to leave because there is no profit remaining in a financially unstable environment. Taxes would become astronomical. There would be no military presence either because, rightly so, their loyalties lie with the United States of America. They would never support a rogue state. California would fall into an… Read more »

Brad Scofield

New license plate slogan for California : “California ; the Orgasm State.” Yah, I like that.
Stooooooooopid libtards !

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