White House shrugs off threat of thousands who may protest Trump’s Phoenix rally

(National SentinelPolitics & Circumstance: The White House is preparing for the possibility that thousands of Americans may show up to protest President Donald J. Trump’s planned rally in Phoenix Monday evening, but officials say that won’t deter anything.

“If protesters come, they come,’ a White House official told the UK’s Daily Mail on Sunday. “‘The president isn’t going to change who he is or what he’s doing because of loud and obnoxious people who are never going to like him no matter what.”

Protesting, of course, is a First Amendment right that most Americans cherish. But to believe Trump’s rally isn’t going to be another vain attempt by Left-wing radical groups like Antifa to paint the president as a ‘racist bigot homophobe’ — which they’ve been trying to do for a year — is to be unrealistic.

A pair of Facebook pages set up to oppose Trump’s rally have thousands of RSVPs and are adorned with references to him and neo-Nazi/white supremacist memes. Clever and original the Alt-Left isn’t.

But Trump may be planning to essentially stick his finger in the eyes of every Leftist who shows up to protest him; the Daily Mail reported that Trump was considering pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 85, who was convicted last month of defying a federal judge’s order in 2011 to end practices the court claimed amounted to racial profiling.

“I am seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff Arpaio,’ the president said a week ago, talking to the Fox News Channel. “He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration. He’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.”

That will, of course, make heads explode on the Alt-Left, but all Trump has to do in order for that to happen is to keep drawing a breath and existing on planet Earth.

Their objective is to shut down any and all opposition — to intimidate Trump’s supporters into rejecting him or, at a minimum, to silence. That’s the Marxist/Communist Left’s modus operandi.

It isn’t likely to work. While there are going to be some who will stay away from Trump’s rally just to avoid getting hassled by assholes pretending to be standing up for liberty and democracy, there is a belief among a growing number of politicos that the Democratic Left’s extremist Trump hate is hurting their chances at ever winning office again, outside of current gerrymandered districts.

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Declare Marshal Law in Phoenix. Put the national guard in place and on stand by, by the order of the president. Arrest and jail, after cracking some skulls or whatever else may be necessary to stop anyone from assaulting someone or destroying private or public property. Any governor, mayor, or any official of any caliber that hinders the protection of people and property should be arrested and jailed immediately. We have plenty of room in our FEMA camps. Its time to stop being nice and pussy footing around with these individuals.

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