Fast food workers rally in Boston to bring them one step closer to being jobless

(National SentinelWages & Labor: Fast food workers rallied in Boston on Labor Day, in support of forcing their employers to pay them $15 an hour, which is essentially the same thing as ensuring that they’ll soon be replaced with technology.

As reported by Breitbart News, workers gathered outside a McDonald’s across the street from the Boston Common and chanted, “We work, we sweat, for $15 on a check.”

In another remarkable act of stupidity, some McDonalds employees working at the Tremont Street location by the Boston Common actually walked off their jobs to participate in the rally.

One worker said he was participating in the rally because, gosh, fast-food employees just don’t make enough money to make ends meet.

“You can’t afford rent, bills, and something to put food in the house,” Darius Cephas, who works at Chipotle, said.

Besides demanding that their employers hike their wages to the unrealistic level of $15 an hour, the same workers are demanding that Massachusetts lawmakers mandate employers also provide paid sick leave (like that wouldn’t be abused).

Amity Paye, a spokesperson for SEIU Local 32, said the demonstrations were part of a national “day of action.”

“Workers across the country are striking as part of a big Labor Day Fight For $15 Day of Action, and so fast food workers here in Boston decided to do the same,” she said.

Additional rallies were held in other cities including Chicago, New Orleans, and St. Paul, Minn.

We’re going to say this as plainly as possible: You folks working fast food jobs are not worth $15 an hour. You’re just not. We’ve all had those jobs and let’s face it: They don’t take much skill. Besides, paying workers $15 an hour would dramatically cut into fast-food restaurant owners’ profits, making it more likely they will raise prices which will then cause customers to go somewhere else — and the restaurant to close, leaving you unemployed.


What’s more, if you continue listening to the doofuses at the SEIU who do not have your best interests in mind, you’re going to discover that not only will you never earn $15 an hour as a fast food employee, you’re going to protest yourself right out of a job, period.

And then you won’t be earning any wages.

Robots and technology used to replace human labor — robots don’t bitch, call in sick, or walk off the job and protest — are coming anyway. If you want to usher in that day more quickly, by all means, continue to “demand” inappropriate wage hikes for your easily replaceable unskilled labor.

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Brad Scofield



I couldn’t care less what these people ask for. No, you are not worth $15, $10 or even $7.50 an hour. Get a real job and support yourself. I haven’t had any type of fast food in over 25 years and now you couldn’t pay me to purchase anything at these listed food joints. The food they sell is not good for you. Stay home, cook your own food with your family. Remember those times?

Phil Urkraken

15 bucks an hour from jump street………wth are these fools smokin’…….I tend to agree that 15 an hour is absurd HOWEVER I do also highly tought one should not be stuck at any particular rate for more than a year since the foot of oppression is definitely not applied to inflation especially on essentials such as groceries and energies. That is hoe these corps hammer the people is by fixing their wages. All wages need to be progressive, low start up with clear concise career ladders even if just their financial plan. Another point being the service industry. The service… Read more »

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