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If you want to get shot, go to Houston and become a looter

(National SentinelDisaster Justice: Texas is not the place to launch your criminal career as a looter.

In the days after Hurricane Harvey devastated large portions of southeastern Texas, signs are beginning to appear warning looters that they’ll be shot on sight.

As reported by KHOU:

Atascocita homeowners who’ve already dealt with flooding say they are now dealing with looters. 

Some neighbors have warned potential looters with threatening signs.

One read: “Warning!! Looters will be shot dead.” Another: “U Loot we will shoot.”

One of those signs was placed proudly in front of Lois Woolley’s house. She is a stage 3 cancer survivor. 

“I had enough,” she said. She claims she saw strangers poking around Sunday, grabbing possessions so flooded homeowners could try and rid their house of mold as they wait for FEMA inspectors.

“The reality is, everything we own is out on the street,” said Woolley.

“This one says this is my home, not trash,” she read aloud while touring the five signs she spray painted on damaged doors.

“Our livelihood is coming by, they want to take things, thinking that it’s for grabs,” Woolley’s neighbor, Chel Bailey, said.

Her sign noted: “Nothing inside is worth dying for.” It featured a shooting range target human silhouette replete with bullet holes.

“This is everything we have and if you steal it, you’re stealing right out of my house,” said Woolley.

Don’t mess with Texas.

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  1. This is what happens when you can no longer rely on the city, state or military police to restore and maintain order. Neither can you rely on a lot of your elected officials. It’s time to take the law into your own hands when confronted with a serious crime situation that’s in your face.

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