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Memo to the president: DON’T fall for Dem gun control or you’ll lose your base

(National SentinelGun Control Hoax: In the wake of the horrific Las Vegas shootings, which occurred with legally purchased firearms in a legal manner by a man with no criminal background, President Donald J. Trump hinted on Tuesday that the administration might be open to new gun control laws.

This from a president who campaigned as an open, ardent advocate of the Second Amendment.

Mr. President, with all due respect, if you chase the Democrats down the gun control rabbit hole, you will lose a large portion of your base.

As reported by the Washington Times:

President Trump said Tuesday that his administration will weigh gun laws in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, a move that advisers say would shock and disappoint core supporters like no other action of his presidency.

Mr. Trump was asked by reporters if the mass shooting at an outdoor concert that left at least 58 dead, plus the gunman, and nearly 530 injured — the worst in modern U.S. history — would prompt him to consider gun control legislation.

“We have a tragedy,” Mr. Trump said at the White House. “We’ll be talking about gun laws as time goes by.”

Pressed by reporters later Tuesday, the president said of engaging in a gun control debate, “At some point, perhaps that will come. But that’s not for now; that’s for a later time.”

Asked whether he believed the gunman should have been allowed to own the high-powered arsenal, Mr. Trump said, “We’ll talk about that on a later date.”

Now admittedly, what the president actually said does not constitute a major shift in attitude about the Second Amendment and gun rights in general. It could just be that he’s mollifying reporters on the issue for the time being, while waiting for more information about the shooting to come out as investigators continue their probe.

And surely the president knows just how important this issue is to his core group of supporters, and that any attempt to adopt new legislation that essentially punishes the 99.999999 percent of legal, honest owners of semi-automatic rifles of the kind Democrats now want to ban (again) would be viewed among those supporters as a betrayal like no other.

Surely. Right?

We’ll see. As far as we’re concerned here at the Sentinel, Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock could just as easily have killed the same number of people with a truck, as ISIS-aligned terrorists have been doing in Europe for the past year. And no sane politician is going to call for a ban on “assault vehicles.”


Trump knows that a long-term goal for authoritarian Democrats is to eviscerate the Second Amendment and take away as many guns as possible from as many Americans as possible, not as a way of ‘improving public safety’ but as a way of enslaving more of us.

So here’s hoping he doesn’t fall for this trap. The tragedy in Vegas is just that — a tragedy — but it’s not a constitutional crisis and should not be turned into one by disgusting Democrats who politicize mass murder in order to advance their gun control agenda.

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4 Comments on Memo to the president: DON’T fall for Dem gun control or you’ll lose your base

  1. That was my first thought after the horror. Will we ban UHauls? The general public has no clue how stringent the existing laws are, or that owning a fully auto anything is next to impossible. Thanks!

  2. If anything, we need MORE guns, but smarter people, trained, effective, intelligent. Guns are just objects until a brain goes South, and we all know who to blame for that ; our subliminal friends who own the media, eh ?

  3. What the president needs to do is just the opposite of gun control. He needs to command all cities towns and townships to organize legal chartered 2nd amendment militias with training…

  4. Obama started the whole thing off by allowing g those u informed officers to shoot to death,in cold blood the defenseless,unarmed young mother,in broad daylight a d broadcast globally live via the internet the lady in the Lexus and then sweeping her corpse u der the carpet.All of them in it together she was the signal for them all to follow.

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