Never-ending congressional ‘Russia collusion’ probe with Trump campaign to…never end

(National SentinelRussian Hoax: Despite the fact that after more than year’s worth of investigating the Democrat-alleged “Russian collusion” between the campaign of President Donald J. Trump and the Kremlin there is no evidence whatsoever to the claim, at least one congressional committee announced today the probe will go on.

Legacy Food StorageSenate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., said that he “can’t set a date” for when the panel’s investigation will end, The Daily Caller reported.

““I’m confident today that we chose wisely by choosing our professional staff to do this investigation, and not to the talking heads all around the country that suggested we couldn’t do this unless we went out and hired a whole new group,” Burr said.

“And I think the numbers here reflect that. Ultimately, we look forward to completing our work and presenting our findings to the public. I can’t set a date as to when that will be. Mark [Warner] can’t set a date as to when that can be. We will share with you after we’ve exhausted every thread of intelligence,” he continued.

What’s more, Mr. And Mrs. America don’t get to know a damned thing about what’s going on, who’s been interviewed and why, and what, if anything, has been uncovered that justifies the continuation of this political hit job.

“The truth is, none of us in this room may know everybody we’ve met with. We’re not going to share who we interview. We’re not going to share what we ask, and we’re certainly not going to share what they tell us. We’re not going to share with you the documents that we got,” said Burr.

“We’re going to get the best view of what happened that anybody could possibly get. At the end of this process, we will be sure that we present to the American people our findings as best we have been able to accumulate,” added.

Right. As if the findings will actually matter, Despite what is presented, one side or the other will claim it’s all “political,” and this will especially be the case when Trump is cleared.

Yes, we said when Trump is cleared because he will be.

This is a farce and it needs to end.

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Of course it will and when all of Russia becomes under the ownership of the privately owned English Crown The centrepiece of the pride of the pruvaty owned corporation who h trades under the name of the City of London.They’ve only been working g at attai ing its corporate takeover for most of the last three hundreds years


Of course it can’t end. For it to end, the God’s Chosen would have to admit DEFEAT, and we know that will never happen to the proudest collection of psychopathic morons the Earth has ever produced. They simply have NOTHING on Trump ; his honesty and integrity as a man completely flummoxes their entire race.

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