‘War on coal is over’ says Trump’s EPA chief as admin crushes Obama’s climate plan

(National SentinelAffordable Energy: The Trump Environmental Protection Agency is dumping a plan approved by President Obama that would have resulted in drastically higher electricity rates for all Americans without doing anything to alter the climate.

FO-banner-350x350“The war on coal is over,” declared EPA chief Scott Pruitt, as The Associated Press reports.  He added that no federal agency “should ever use its authority” to “declare war on any sector of our economy.”

The AP noted further:

For Pruitt, getting rid of the Clean Power Plan will mark the culmination of a long fight he began as the elected attorney general of Oklahoma. Pruitt was among about two-dozen attorney generals who sued to stop President Barack Obama’s 2014 push to limit carbon emissions, stymieing the limits from ever taking effect.

Because it is a disgustingly dishonest legacy media organization, the AP made sure to mention that Pruitt was “closely aligned” with the oil and gas industry in his home state.

To which we reply, “Good.” Because frankly, it’s about time someone with the industry’s and the American people’s financial interests in mind took over the reigns of federal agencies that have been weaponized by far-Left lunatics against both.

President Trump knew exactly who he was nominating when he put Pruitt’s name up for Senate confirmation earlier this year. Pruitt is one of those attorneys general who were suing the Obama regime over its clean power plan, which would have imposed gargantuan costs on the oil and gas and energy industries — who would then have passed along those costs to consumers at a time when they’re already struggling to pay for another Obama-era nightmare, “healthcare reform.”

As for Obama, he also knew exactly what his clean power plans would do to consumers, as he admitted in 2008 to a panel of editors and reporters at the San Francisco Chronicle:

For the record, Obama’s so-called “Clean Power Plan” wasn’t going to do anything to change global temperatures. What’s more, as was Obama’s penchant, he was skating past Congress to implement a plan that should have required legislation.

For his part, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, from the coal state of Kentucky, was elated by the decision.

“A lot of damage has been done” to the industry, said McConnell. “This doesn’t immediately bring everything back, but we think it stops further decline of coal-fired plants in the United States and that means there will still be some market here.”

As for Pruitt, he summed up Trump’s motivations for ditching the plan.

“This president has tremendous courage,” Pruitt said Monday. “He put America first and said to the rest of the world we are going to say no and exit the Paris Accord. That was the right thing to do.”

The thing is, the Trump haters out there who will now not see their electric bills “necessarily skyrocket” have Trump to thank for that, but of course, they won’t.

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