Turnabout: Black Detroit firefighters back white colleague FIRED for ‘racially insensitive’ watermelon

(National SentinelRace and Relations: A group of black firefighters in Detroit is standing firmly with a white colleague who was recently fired before his first day on the job for bringing what city idiots deemed was “racially insensitive” fruit to work.

As we reported, a probationary firefighter, Robert Pattinson, 41 who was introducing himself, was fired by idiots in Detroit after he decided to partake in a tradition and bring in a gift to fellow firefighters in his new station house. His gift? Not doughnuts or the usual fare, but a gift-wrapped watermelon.

Second Battalion Chief Shawn McCarty confirmed that some staff argued it was “racially insensitive” to bring a watermelon to a firehouse, and Pattinson was consequently discharged by Fire Commissioner Eric Jones, who described the incident as “offensive.”

However, now several black firefighters from the same department reacted to the incident with a big show of support for Pattinson, describing him as an “amazing dude” who had “good intentions.”

“Just want to let everyone know he’s a real amazing dude and it was all good intentions,” firefighter Tadarius Spearman wrote in a Facebook post, alongside ten African-American firefighters. “And our entire class (is) supporting him in this. Especially us African-Americans and that’s all that needs to be said. Stay up brother. #DFD.”

No word yet whether the idiots who really believed that Pattinson’s act of kindness was some racial slam will give him back his job, but they should. He’s trained, he’s ready to start, and there are a number of black firefighters who think so too.

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