Racialist instructor at U of Pennsylvania: ‘I only call on white men if I have to’

(National SentinelAcademic Race-Baiting: Conservatives and America-firsters need to come to the serious realization that nearly every institution in our country has been hijacked by the Marxist Left, leaving us little choice but to abandon them and start our own institutions.

Exhibit A today involves a teaching assistance at the University of Pennsylvania who admitted on social media she discriminates against white males.

Stephanie McKellop took to Twitter (where else?) to explain the order in which she calls on students in her class.

“I will always call on my black women students first. Other [people of color] get second-tier priority. [White women] come next. And, if I have to, white men.”

Needless to say, the post sparked a major backlash and now the university will be forced to address it. Or not, which is most generally the case with pampered, tenured Leftist professors who essentially get away with all sorts of civil rights violations just because they espouse the “correct” things.

So, what’s McKellop’s story? Why is she doing this?

Marxism, of course. She is adhering to a fabricated, far-Left method of instruction called “Progressive Stacking” — that is, deferring to members of “marginalized” groups first as opposed to calling on perceived “dominant” ethnic groups.

This is, of course, sanctioned racism, and once again the Left is justifying it because due to their own self-created perception of ‘injustice’ — which is pretty difficult to substantiate given all of the admission preferences to people of color. But for those on the Left, anytime racialists can denigrate white people it’s good.

As for the university, Steven J. Fluharty, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, said that McKellop is still being allowed to teach in her program as this matter is being reviewed.

Of course. Because a tweet she posted herself isn’t proof enough of academic and ethnic bias.

According to Fluharty, Penn is “looking into the current matter involving a graduate student teaching assistant to ensure that our students were not subjected to discriminatory practices in the classroom and to ensure that all of our students feel heard and equally engaged.”

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2 Comments on "Racialist instructor at U of Pennsylvania: ‘I only call on white men if I have to’"

  1. Well ya know, we’re gonna see more and more crap like this as Soros’ $18b trickles down the pike, so get ready. This little incident isn’t even a tremor next to the the earthquake that’s headed our way in 2018. Thankyou George, you lowlife frickin’ maggot.

  2. Marxism was always a weapon of imoerialists in setting up totalitarianism One autocratic rule of law for the universe.

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