Disgraced deserter Bowe Bergdahl prefers the Taliban to the U.S. Army

(National SentinelTreason: Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who admitted to deserting his post in Afghanistan in 2009 during a trial last week, said in an interview yesterday that the Taliban treated him better than the U.S. Army.

After voluntarily abandoning his post, which the military defines as desertion and is a major actionable infracture of regulations, Bergdahl was captured by Taliban fighters and held as a prisoner for five years.

President Obama exchanged five known Taliban commanders and fighters for Bergdahl in 2014, over the objections of many in Congress and the military.

According to military officials, six U.S. soldiers were killed searching for Bergdahl, who now faces life in prison for his crime.

“Some people have pushed back, saying nobody was killed or injured looking for Bowe Bergdahl. That’s absolute nonsense,” said former CIA covert operations officer, Mike Baker, who joined Dana Loesch on “Dana” today, part of The Blaze TV. “If Bowe Bergdahl thinks that the Taliban treated him better, then maybe we should take that into account for the sentencing. Because there has been talk like, ‘He suffered five years at the hands of the Taliban. We need to take that into consideration.’ Well, maybe we don’t.”

“I keep thinking back to the soldiers whose lives where lost, Mike, in the search and rescue efforts for Bowe Bergdahl,” said Dana. “The six soldiers … and he says the Taliban treated him better that the US Army.”

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If I remember correctly, at one time the penalty for Treason was a firing squad. Sounds right, doesn’t it, Bill & Hillary, Obama, Both Bushes, Comely, etc. etc.. It’s time to get serious and not to be nice, screw politically correct and hate speech, both of these terms are pure bullshit which were established to control the people.


I think i would want to talk to him myself before i made any assumptions

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