Another Snoop Dogg outrage: Rapper poses over ‘body’ of Trump

(National SentinelNo Class: Rapper Snoop Dogg has once again outraged tens of millions of Americans after he posed over a body in a “morgue” with a toe-tag labeled “Trump.”


The classless photo adores the cover of the rapper’s new album, “Make America Crip Again,” a reference to one of the country’s most violent urban gangs.

Snoop Dogg and the Dead Donald

It’s not the rapper’s first political controversy this year, as back in March, a video in which Snoop pretends to assassinate Trump made major waves on social media.

With his latest album cover, Snoop Dogg is continuing to push the boundaries of good taste and the law; some believe that, as before, his depiction of the president dead is an implicit threat on his life.

What are your thoughts?

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4 Comments on "Another Snoop Dogg outrage: Rapper poses over ‘body’ of Trump"

  1. I strongly encourage the Secret Service to visit Mr Dog regarding his newest album cover & its implicit threat of death of the President! This is an outrage, unacceptable & illegal threat against the President!

  2. Boundaries of good taste and American music movie machinations are incongruent with credibility anyways.

  3. His name should be POOP THUG, criminal turd that he is. Get this whack-job ata here !!

  4. Anything to get / deflect attention from your own aberrant behavior.

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