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Pastor: No gun control law would have prevented Texas church shooting

(National SentinelMassacre: Pastor Robert Jeffress told Fox News on Sunday that no amount of gun control legislation would have prevented the mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, during services yesterday.

Police say Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, an atheist who ‘preached’ hate against Christians online, killed 26 people and wounded another 24, reports said.

When asked why he thought Kelley would enter a church in full combat gear to kill, Jeffress replied, “I think President Trump said it earlier tonight, the reason is evil. Some people get nervous using the word evil [because] they think it’s theological. Well, it is, but it’s also true.”

He added, “You know we’re hearing calls for gun legislation in light of what’s happened. Look, the problem with this shooter is not the weapon that was in his hand, it’s the evil that was in his heart. And no legislation is going to eradicate that.”

Breitbart News reported that a good guy with a gun was able to squeeze off a few shots at Kelley, which caused him to leave the scene. Witnesses said that act alone most likely saved additional lives, as Kelley was armed with lots of ammunition.

KSAT’s Erica Hernandez said the good guy was a neighbor of the church who “returned fire,” causing the attacker to climb into his car and flee the scene.

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2 Comments on Pastor: No gun control law would have prevented Texas church shooting

  1. A gun is just an object, like a screwdriver or a flashlight. What one does with it depends on how subconsciously gullible that person’s mind is to MSM’s subversive hints and suggestions. You have to see that there’s a puppet-master up there trying to control the inside of your mind, and just like drugs, you look him square in his ugly baboon face and say “NO.” Christians are not hated by other Christians ; don’t believe that for a second. Christians are hated by those who FEAR THEM because they remind some people about some very bad things that they’ve done in the past, and rather than fess up and come clean, those people would much rather just eliminate the ones demanding that they come clean. There’s the easy way, and there’s the hard way. It all depends on how stupid you are.

  2. So much transparently rubbished. America,and many many nations had guns before globalization took control over governments without the people ever going berserk and shooting the place up.Its so obbious who is afraid of an armed population ruining their takeover plots that is hey don’t care how many thousands of innocents are slaughtered for them to get their way to the power and the glory

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