Former Gov. Huckabee ridicules Millennials who said they favor communism, socialism in a new survey

(National SentinelLand of the Not-So-Free: A recent survey found that more than half of today’s Millennials said they would prefer to live in a communist or socialist country, a finding that drew some playful ridicule from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“A shocking new survey of Millennials found that half say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than in a capitalist democracy,” Huckabee, the father of current White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, wrote on his Facebook page.

“Well, good news, kids: thanks to capitalism, there are planes leaving the US for one of those 24/7,” Huckabee noted.

“But tell your parents not to rent out your rooms,” he continued. “If you aren’t killed or imprisoned in your chosen communist paradise, you’ll probably be moving back in with them in less than a month.”

But Huckabee’s sarcasm was offset by some serious concern by Marion Smith, executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation after it released its report on the attitudes of younger Americans regarding socialism.

“One of the concerns the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has had since its establishment is that an emerging generation of Americans have little understanding of the collectivist system and its dark history,” he said.

The survey found that “more Millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country (44%) than in a capitalist one (42%). … The percentage of Millennials who would prefer socialism to capitalism is a full 10 points higher than that of the general population.”

“It seems that the majority of America’s largest generation would prefer to live in a socialist or communism society than in a free enterprise system that respects the rule of law, private property, and limited government,” the organization said on its website.

“This is even more disconcerting when coupled with the fact that, despite Millennials’ enthusiasm for socialism and communism, they do not, in fact, know what those terms mean,” the group said, adding that educating the younger generation will be vital in order to prevent them from allowing America to be transformed into such a system.

“Communism isn’t back: It never left. We simply forgot about it. And as it rears its ugly head once more, openly and shamelessly, we seem far less prepared to meet the challenge in this century as we did in the last,” said the organization.

What are your thoughts?

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LOL, that’s because all these lazy good-for-nothing brats know how to do is play video games all damn day, smoke dope, be irresponsible, and WHINE. They hate Trump because Trump is bringing jobs back, and oh hell, these whinetards don’t wanna WORK !! What the hell is that ?
Me do work when I can march the streets, take Soros’ cash, be violent, and shoot up people inside churches ? Uh huh, we ALL know about the “path of least resistance,” boys, but it’s time to wake up and MAN UP !!!!!!!!!!!!


Its because they’re being brainwashed into accepting two classes the wealthy minority ,the existing one per cent who already own ORcontrol 99% of the world’s wealth and do are the communist class, and the stock exchange device serving socialism to create a false “Democratic” sense of ownership over corporations Mission accomplished

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