President Bush’s daughters Jenna and Barbara needed ‘comfort’ after Trump’s election victory

(National SentinelSnowflakes: The daughters of President George W. Bush reportedly needed “comfort” after Donald J. Trump won the November election.

In their jointly written memoir due out Oct. 24, “Sisters First,” former first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush said they woke up together in Jenna’s bed the morning after the election “filled with gratitude that we had each other for comfort.”

Though they did not mention Trump by name the pair did write that the “belittling and demeaning” political dialogue in Washington, D.C., had become too aggressive for their taste.

“I don’t think it can be blamed only on him,” Barbara told People Magazine in an interview, referring to Trump.

The twins, who lived in the White House from 2001-2009, seem to suggest the political tone in D.C. was softer when their dad — and his dad, George H. W. Bush — were commanders-in-chief.

“With our grandfather and our dad, there was a softer side and I do hope it goes back to that,” Jenna said.

While Jenna was much more deferential in her language, Barbara was more direct. The co-founder and CEO of Global Health Corps said there has been an uptick in discrimination against some groups in the U.S.

“That, of course, takes dignity away from people — away from populations of people that are distinct people and can’t be categorized as one,” Barbara — who has admitted she voted for Clinton a year ago — said. Her grandfather also voted for Clinton, he has stated publicly.

And on Wednesday, she told the annual Planned Parenthood luncheon in Fort Worth, Texas, that she strongly supports Planned Parenthood despite attempts from Republicans to defund the organization.

“I am proud to stand with Planned Parenthood not only because women, regardless of where they are from, deserve to live dignified, healthy lives, (but) … because it’s a really good investment,” she added.

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  1. The Bush daughters, living in their cushy life, outside of reality, have been misguided by, unfortunately their parents who are too deep into the “swamp”to educate their children that the real world of hard working Americans are sick and tired of the anti -Trump, Bush dynasty. Get out of bed and try working a real job like everybody else

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