Actor James Woods drops a truth bomb about the NRA and mass shootings

(National SentinelGun Rights and Wrongs: In the wake of the Texas church shootings on Sunday, liberals and progressives were once again calling for new gun control measures and singling out the National Rifle Association, which is staunchly pro-Second Amendment, for abuse.

But actor James Woods dropped a truth bomb about the organization and mass killings in America countering those who continue to criticize a group whose only ‘crime’ is standing up for the Constitution.

In the aftermath of the shootings, which saw 26 people murdered by Air Force reject Devin Kelley, Woods used social media to link an Independent Journal Review article which suggested that no NRA member has been responsible for a mass shooting.

While the assertion is hard to prove definitively because of the imprecise definition of “mass shooting” and the fact that the NRA keeps its membership list private, reporter Victoria Taft told readers how she managed to at her conclusion in the Woods-linked story.

“If any of them had been (an NRA member) it would have been in the news,” she wrote.

She also linked to a question posted on Quora, which is an online question-and-answer blog that featured answers supporting Taft’s assumption.

Following last month’s Las Vegas mass shootings, NRA Executive Director Chris Cox appeared on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to say that after every such event, the Left quickly blames his organization.

“And that’s the one thing that is consistent, is they blame the one organization whose members don’t commit the crimes,” he said.

Others who responded to Trump’s tweet noted that NRA members have actually prevented shootings and other crimes.

What are your thoughts?

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SCREW Feinstein, that curmudgeonly old broad. She’s just another hornet in the globalist nest. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP OUR GUNS, GOT IT ? THIS IS AMERICA, FEINSTEIN, and YOU are an enemy infiltrator. Also, the guest in that video is saying he doesn’t know why this is happening, but it’s easy ; You cannot defeat an armed nation of citizens, period. So the manipulating entity with their agenda wants us disarmed, yes ? How do you do it ? You use all your assets, in this case, mind control and subconscious subversion through Hollywood movies and general TV to… Read more »


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