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GQ magazine urges readers to ruin Thanksgiving for Trump-supporting family members

(National SentinelNo Class: It’s a magazine that attempts to showcase leading male figures with tastefully done photography and journalism, but GQ Magazine just went completely classless for the holiday.

The magazine is urging readers who did not vote for President Donald J. Trump to show up to Trump-supportig family Thanksgiving gatherings and ruin them.

In a politics column titled “It’s Your Civic Duty to Ruin Thanksgiving by Bringing Up Trump,” the writer goes straight to the point:

It’s late-November 2017, and you know what that means: Every man you’ve ever seen on TV for any reason has just been unmasked as a woman-hating sewer ghoul. Also, it’s time to ruin your Trump-supporting family’s Thanksgiving—for America!

He then makes these suggestions:

Don’t show up. For some parents, your absence will speak louder than any sodden arguments over the density of pumpkin pie. If you can’t even look them in the eye, they’ll know you mean business. Besides, Friendsgiving rules.

Show up and be kind of an asshole. No hugs; only stiff, formal handshakes. During the football game, talk about police brutality nonstop. Take any opportunity to emphasize just how much Bruce Springsteen and the entire E Street band loathes Trump. Come out as an aspiring professional DJ.

Scorched Earth. Not even a handshake; just stare, disgustedly, at their outstretched arms. Build a wall out of mashed potatoes. During the football game, order 10 Papa John’s pizzas—the official foodstuff of the alt right—and use them as pie charts to demonstrate who benefits most from the GOP tax plan. Refuse to be alone in a room with your mom, citing the Mike Pence rule. Call your parents by a Donald Trump nickname of your choosing—perhaps Little Rocket Mom or Liddle’ Dad.

And so forth.

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3 Comments on GQ magazine urges readers to ruin Thanksgiving for Trump-supporting family members

  1. It would be of bsnefur,if you plan to print comments,to get the edit button added because they can’t corrupt comments that way or interfere with the posters devices to corrupt their spell check or predictive text See blacklisted news for example

  2. // November 23, 2017 at 9:15 pm // Reply

    Bye bye De Niro. The public helped you become famous and we can take it away just as quickly.

  3. My TG was peaceful, quiet, and cozy, and I felt completely content to know MY PRESIDENT was at the helm, thank you DONALD J. TRUMP.

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