Trump to Mueller: Why hasn’t Dem operatives the PODESTAs been INDICTED yet?

(National SentinelSpotlight: During a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times that was published Thursday President Donald J. Trump said he believes that special counsel Robert Mueller will treat him “fairly” as he continues to investigate alleged “collusion” between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

But the president also raised a question about why Mueller’s team has yet to file charges against the Podesta Group, a Democrat-aligned lobbying firm that did work in the U.S. on behalf of former Ukranian leader Viktor Yanukovych.

“Whatever happened to Podesta?,” Trump said. “[T]hey closed their firm, they left in disgrace, the whole thing, and now you never heard of anything.”

Trump was referencing the apparent scrutiny the Podesta Group is under by Mueller’s team, as, the lobbying work appears very similar to that done by former Trump campaign manager Paul Manfort, who has been indicted by a grand jury at Mueller’s recommendation.

The Podesta Group, once headed by brother of former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, is likely to close by the end of this year. His brother, Tony Podesta, stepped down from his position at the firm in late October, The Daily Caller noted.

Regarding the significance of charges against Manafort, Trump said, “Paul only worked for me for a few months.”

He added: “Paul worked for Ronald Reagan. His firm worked for John McCain, worked for Bob Dole, worked for many Republicans for far longer than he worked for me. And you’re talking about what Paul was many years ago before I ever heard of him. He worked for me for — what was it, three and a half months?”

The president repeated his earlier contention that there was no “collusion” between his campaign and the Russian government.

He has described Mueller’s probe as a “witch hunt.”

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  1. What I love about Donald Trump is that he gets out of bed early every morning, assuming he even bothered himself with sleep, and he punches the Dems and the media right in the nose. Every morning! What the Dems and the media hate about Trump is that he is doing to them what they have been doing to the GOP for decades, with the GOP cowering in reply. Trump is a no holds barred political brawler, just like the Dems/media. As for the Dems, it is a party of Globalists, Socialists, Fascists, and Communists. As for the media, they are Pravda and Tass, that is, not to be taken seriously by the rank and file citizen. In the USSR, the media pretended to report the news and the public pretended to believe it.

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