FLASHBACK: British actress accuses Harvey Weinstein of using OPRAH to lure her to his room #MeToo

(National SentinelPredators: Following Oprah Winfrey’s speech on Sunday at the Golden Globes, where she chastised the nation’s record on civil rights and white males over their treatment of women, critics are pointing to a little-remembered incident involving a British actress, Winfrey and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

In November, Page Six reported that Kadian Noble, at the time an aspiring actress, said Weinstein used Winfrey and supermodel Naomi Campbell to trick her into believing the mogul would help her with her career, but only used her for sex.

Noble said she was highly impressed when she first met Weinstein, who has been charged with dozens of accounts of sexual misbehavior by legions of women in the entertainment industry.

The actress said what impressed her most when she first met Weinstein at an event in London was that he was hanging out with Campbell and had superstar Oprah “swinging off his arm.”

“I thought, obviously, this man has something amazing in store for me,” she said during a teary-eyed press conference in Manhattan to discuss the sex trafficking lawsuit she filed a day earlier against Weinstein in Manhattan federal court.

Rather than give her career a boost, Weinstein used promises of advancement to lure her to a hotel room in Cannes, France, where he then forced himself on her, Noble said.

“I felt completely played,” she said.

“Noble is the latest in a long line of actresses and models who claim Weinstein either forced himself on them or coerced them into sex with promises of career advancement,” Page Six reported.

She said she didn’t think anything about it when she brought him her “show reel” in Cannes in 2014. But once she got there, she said “he didn’t seem interested in my show reel.”

Instead, he began touching her while discussing hooking her up with a modeling agency in London.

“He said, ‘I need to know you really like me,’” Nobel said. “’I have all the information we need. I just need to know you really like me.’”

Shortly thereafter, she says he forced her to perform sex acts with him in front of a mirror in the bathroom.

Weinstein never did help her with her career, she said.

“Bigger and bigger names keep dripping out, now with Oprah accused in the fray of Weinstein’s indecent behavior,” The Gateway Pundit noted.

Dozens of male Hollywood actors, all Democratic supporters, have been charged with sexual misconduct. Some Democratic lawmakers including former Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota and Rep. John Conyers of Michigan have also been accused.

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