WINNER! U.S. ‘mainstream media’ now considered LESS trustworthy than state-controlled RUSSIAN, VENEZUELAN media

(National SentinelBias: A new survey by the Pew Research Center found that the vast majority of Americans don’t trust the so-called “mainstream media,” which they found to be very biased.

“Publics around the world overwhelmingly agree that the news media should be unbiased in their coverage of political issues, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of 38 countries,” the research center said.

“Yet, when asked how their news media are doing on reporting different political issues fairly, people are far more mixed in their sentiments, with many saying their media do not deliver,” the center continued.

“And, in many countries, there are sharp political differences in views of the media – with the largest gap among Americans.”

In particular, the survey found that three-quarters of respondents — 75 percent — say it is never acceptable “for a news organization to favor one political party over others when reporting the news.”

In the U.S., just 47 percent of respondents believe political issues are fairly reported. Also, only 56 percent believe the news overall is reported accurately.

In Russia, by comparison, 55 percent believe political issues are reported in a fair manner, while 60 percent believe their news reporting is accurate.

A spring 2017 survey found that only 21 percent of Americans believe that major U.S. media supported the governing party, compared to 55 percent who did not think so.

Chart showing that deep political divides exist on whether news media cover political issues fairly

Meanwhile, 65 percent of Russians believe media support the ruling parties, while 62 percent of Venezuelans thought so.

“The U.S. is also one of only a few countries where governing party supporters are less satisfied with their news media than are non-supporters,” the Pew Center said.

“In most countries, people who support the political party currently in power are more satisfied with the performance of their news media than those who do not support the governing party,” it added.

These are among the major findings of a Pew Research Center survey conducted among 41,953 respondents in 38 countries from Feb. 16 to May 8, 2017.

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everybody BUT the mainstream idiots know this for a fact. i trust pravda before i trust cnn. pravda MIGHT BE bullcrap but a GUARANTEED pile of bullcrap.


The mnexia,should have to employ old seniors expoereinced and deviously capable of unravelling conditioned politicians well trained and well rehearsed spiels .Then the people might be able to trust them But if course the owners are all part if the problem threatening freedom and truth.

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