Trump NAILS Democrats over BUDGET, GOVT. SHUTDOWN with this SIMPLE statement to the press (Video)

(National SentinelPresidential: President Donald J. Trump used his bully pulpit to push for a long-term budget deal in Congress and to avoid a government shutdown during a visit to the Pentagon on Thursday.

As lawmakers from both parties rush to find a compromise, most Democrats have dug in their heels and have said they would not support any budget deal that did not include a pathway to citizenship for so-called DACA “Dreamers” — illegal aliens currently in the U.S. who were brought in by their parents.

No deal before Friday by midnight means that all non-essential government functions would shut down. However, other federal employees would still have to report to work, though they would not be getting paid until the budget impasse is over and government funding is resumed.

The active-duty military is part of that group of “essential” federal employees, and that includes troops that are currently deployed overseas in war zones.

Trump addressed this with reporters.

“But again, the group that loses big would be the military, and we’re never letting our military lose at any point,” he said.

“We’re going to fund our military, we’re going to have a military that we’ve never had before because we’ve just about…just about never needed our military more than now. Thank you very much,” the president added.

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Immigration policy is the last hope of the liberal DemoRAT JWO Globalists here in America. Their only hope of dethroning Trump is to let in so many damn immigrants [who vote DemoRAT], that it tilts the election, but even then, Trump will LANDSLIDE !!
Go Donald 2020 !!

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