Gowdy: ‘FIX was IN’ to clear HILLARY no matter what she did, as newly released texts PROVE

(National SentinelExonerate: During a Thursday evening appearance on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said newly revealed texts between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page show that “the fix was in” to clear Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing involving her mishandling of classified information.

In a text released to the public, Page, in reference to Clinton, wrote to Strzok, “One more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi?”

He responded, “I called Bill and relayed what we discussed. He agrees. I will email you and [redacted] same” — in which he appears to be saying he contacted Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, about the case.

The messages were exchanged during the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s use of an unsecured private email server while serving as Obama’s secretary of state.

“This, I think is the unvarnished truth of how they viewed both her, him and the investigation and how they wanted it to turn out,” Gowdy said.

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“Keep in mind, Tucker, all of this is done before she was ever interviewed. So the fix was in. Unfortunately, before they even interviewed the target of the investigation.”

Tucker responded: “What does it tell you about what they thought of Hillary Clinton? They believed, if she became president she would punish our chief law enforcement agency for investigating her. What does that say about their view of her? Or their understanding of her?”

It’s either that, or I think another reasonable construction is she’d award the DOJ, thinking it was more DOJ lawyers that concluded she should not be charged as opposed to the FBI,” Gowdy said.

“And that’s actually how I read it–that she would give more credit to the Department of Justice–you know, keep in mind, reading these texts, it doesn’t appear that anyone wanted her charged, before they even know what she was going to say.

“I read that to be, they were concerned the DOJ would get the credit for taking care of her more than the bureau would,” he said.

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LOCK HER UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More than one “legacy” will soon be destroyed. One dynasty will be capped. And three institutions will find out who is more powerful: The Government or The People?

–IF (!) our elected Congressmen have any courage or integrity.


the corporation needs ended the republic restored, AL felonious treasonous arrests made, military tribunals held and proper justice served. Which the penalty for Treason is death, as it should be.. Pedophilia also. Death.

Betty Jean Henry

I have even heard that the ‘new’ Justice Department has already made a deal with Hillary.
So, what’s left to say? If there is not a cleansing of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and all the loyal Obama holdovers within major departments, we will have lost the nation altogether, because this country will have descended into nothing more than a banana republic.


Basically the Democrat a practice Saul Aliskies 12_rules for radicals ,as do the republicans usually,but the Republicans are more like Luciferians and the democrats,although they claim to be Luciferians too,are really Satanists.Basically ,when you cut all the PC rubbish out of the way.

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