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New prez confidence poll shows Dems STILL in denial over Trump’s amazing WIN

(National SentinelSo Much Winning: A new Morning Consult survey has found that while the overwhelming majority of Republicans have confidence in the institution of the presidency, most Democrats do not.

In all, 82 percent of Republicans say they have “a lot” or “some” confidence in the institution of the presidency, according to the January 2018 survey.

That represents a 23-point increase from the 59 percent of Republicans who said they had ‘a lot’ or ‘some’ confidence in the institution of the presidency in the December 2016 Morning Consult Poll, Breitbart News reported. That was just a month after President Donald J. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the number of Republicans who said they had no confidence at all in the presidency dropped from 13 percent in December 2016 to a mere 7 percent in January 2018.

Democrats, however, are nearly at the polar opposite.

Just 24 percent of Democrats say they have “a lot” or “some” confidence in the institution of the presidency today, which is down a whopping 30 points from the 54 percent who had that level of confidence in December 2016.

Most Democrats who no longer express any confidence in the office of the president now describe it as “none at all.”

In December 2016, just 18 percent of Dems said they had no confidence in the presidency; that figure has risen to an astounding 52 percent in the latest survey.

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The big question is “just how far will the SCUM go in order to detract from any Hillary investigations ?” Would they be so brazen as start WW3 just to make us look the other way ?

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