Thousands Demand U.S. Let White South Africans Emigrate

(National SentinelRacism: Thousands of people have signed a petition asking President Donald J. Trump to permit whites living in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. after the country’s lawmakers voted to allow the government to strip them of their farmland.

“Since the African National Congress (ANC) came to power in South Africa, it is estimated that over 70,000 whites have been murdered, many in the most sadistic ways imaginable,” the petition says.

“Sometimes men are strung up and forced to watch their wives be raped before they are both hacked to pieces. Others are disemboweled by broken objects before being set on fire,” it added.

“Communist terrorist chants such as ‘Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer,’ encourage the slaughter of white Boers and contribute to the astonishing black on white murder rate of 95%–5%,” it continued.

“Even though whites only make up around 9% of SA population, it is estimated that out of the 50 people murdered on average per day, 20 of them are white.”

The petition claims that the crimes are often concealed by Western and South African media, “making it nearly impossible” for whites in the country to get “the help they so desperately need.” It stresses that a relentless “campaign to dispossess whites of their history, culture, farms, property, and jobs will inevitably lead to a complete genocide of South Africa’s white population if we do not intercede.”

“All U.S intelligence agencies have confirmed that the refugees we are currently admitting from Somalia and the Middle East cannot be properly vetted; therefore, we are putting the Nation at risk by admitting them,” the petition goes on.

“However, South Africans can easily be vetted and also possess skills that make them compatible with our culture and civilization.”

South Africa’s parliament voted to remove white South African farmers from their land on Tuesday.

Next, the country’s constitution is likely to be amended to permit government confiscation of white-owned land without any offer of compensation.

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters opposition party, who introduced the motion, said the time for reconciliation in South Africa “is over,” reported. “Now is the time for justice,” he said, adding: “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.”

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2 Comments on "Thousands Demand U.S. Let White South Africans Emigrate"

  1. You can call it racism. However, I know from personal experience as a white who lived in West Africa more than 10 years, apart from friends I don’t think anyone there ever thought I was more than a tourist on a short vacation, and many people identified me as French, not American. As long as there is a minority visibly different from local citizens, there is always a danger the minority, if blamed for problems, might be thrown out when times get tough. See what happened in Côte d’Ivoire back around 2004-5, when French people were made to flee the country. That’s not the first time, that’s not the only country and not the only continent. Where can these people go, if they considered that country their home? Hopefully to a place where they are socially and culturally compatible, and in this particular case I think the petition is correct.

  2. White South Africans should go back to the Netherlands, where their ancestors came from. There is no reason they have to go to the US.

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