DACA DREAMers turn on…Democrats

(National SentinelNot Allied: A group of so-called “DREAMers” — illegal immigrants brought into the U.S. by their parents — protested in front of the Democratic National Committee on Monday claiming the party has done too little for them.

Labeling Democrats as phony allies, about two dozen activists and protestors gathered outside the DNC early Monday with bullhorns and signs. They criticized Democrats for failing to pass new protections for DREAMers as they blocked the front doors to DNC offices and refused to allow staffers to enter or exit the building.

“The Democrats party has never been on my side,” another protester said. Another said Democrats left DREAMers “Hanging by a thread.”

“I am here today to tell Democrats that they are not my allies and I will continue to fight and show that I will not collaborate with them until they do something for my community,” the protester said before calling Democrats “fake allies.”

“If you won’t let us dream!” protesters chanted. “We won’t let you sleep!”

Most often DREAMers are critical of Republicans.

President Donald J. Trump has pledged to work with both parties to craft legislation that provides DREAMers with an eventual path towards legalization or citizenship, but only in exchange for funding his long-promised border wall.

So far, Democrats have been unwilling to make that compromise.

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I think the USA should support ALL of mexico, ALL of asia, ALL of Europe, ALL of Africa, ALL of china, after all our gubbermint has a LOT of money and we don’t need it all !!!
WHY NOT ??????????

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