CNN clown Jim Acosta DESTROYED by Sara Sanders after his whining on live TV

(National Sentinel‘Not About You’: White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit back at CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta after he was rude to her following a press briefing on Monday.

Sanders had brought two wounded U.S. combat veterans who were advocating to make it easier for vets to receive funding for experimental medical treatments. Both men were leg amputees.

At the end of her briefing, Sanders wrapped things up by thanking the press pool and turned to the veterans and said, “I’m gonna let these guys take a break, thanks guys.”

As she and the veterans exited the podium, Acosta stood and shouted at her that it was the third briefing in a row where she had not taken a question from CNN.

“Sarah, can I ask a question? Sarah, that’s the third briefing you’ve not taken a question from CNN,” Acosta shouted.

Later, he tweeted, “Third press briefing in a row that @PressSec did not take a question from CNN. .”

Sanders’ tweet in response directly challenged Acosta’s definition of “courage.”

“Courage isn’t taking “a question from CNN,” Jim. Courage is combat veterans Sgt. Peck and Staff Sgt. Dwyer – the two heroes at the briefing. #itsnotaboutyou,” she tweeted.

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Damn right !! You labeled him right, NS ; he’s a goddamn ass-clown, but more importantly, he is a pure SHILL.


I still maintain there should be a woodshed out back of the White House, where the Secret Service would take Jim Acosta every time he shows up at the White House.

The Rational Realist

Third press briefing in a row that you, Acosta, showed no shame for being a spoiled little wanker. Frankly, I’ve never heard of you. What have you produced? Ever met a payroll? Ever created a job? If not, you’re just another diarrhea-mouthed reporter. Why don’t you go wipe yourself. You’re stinkin’ up the joint.

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