United Steelworks union president says members ‘won’t forget’ what Trump is doing for their industry

(National Sentinel#MAGA: The president of United Steelworks said in an interview with NBC News that member of the union “won’t forget” what President Donald J. Trump is doing for them and others in their industry.

Leo Gerard said that the president’s newly announced 25-percent tariffs on imported steel and aluminum would be a net gain for the American steel industry. He also praised the president for making it clear he is going to “tackle trade deficits,” which he called a “wealth transfer” because they are “taking good jobs away.”

Trump was able to “see the steelworker agenda” and “he’s going to have a major impact on our members” with what he has done, he added, according to the American Lookout, via Real Clear Politics.

“It’s going to make it very hard for our members to ignore what he just did and what makes me sad is we’ve been trying to get Democrats to this for more than 30 years,” Gerard told the network’s Chuck Todd.


Gerard said Trump is finally “going to help us get a level playing field” after 20 years of promises from Democratic and Republican presidents. While unions are notoriously large supporters of Democrats, Gerard said Trump’s administration has recognized that if the next 20 years are like the last 20 years then “we have a national security problem.” Gerard made it clear his union will work with the administration to prioritize U.S.-made steel.

“American workers tend to like presidents who stick up for them and their jobs,” the American Lookout reported.

Trump signed the tariffs Thursday, but in doing so he exempted Mexico and Canada for now as U.S. officials work on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which Trump pledged to do during his campaign.

Critics have said that the tariffs will make products made with steel and aluminum more expensive, especially because some steel products are not available in the U.S.

But others say that Trump’s actions will level the field for existing U.S. steel and aluminum producers. One company, U.S. Steel Corp., announced last week it will reopen one of two shuttered blast furnace facilities in Granite City, Ill.

The Pittsburgh-based company anticipates calling back 500 employees beginning this month, according to a statement. The process of restarting the facility could take up to four months.

“Our Granite City works facility family and employees, as well as the surrounding community, have suffered too long from the unending waves of unfairly traded steel products that have flooded U.S. markets,” David Burritt, president and CEO of U.S. Steel, said.

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  1. Oh, you can feel the seething hatred from the Left. They want this nation in ruins. They want us all on our knees begging for our lives while they smile, put the gun to our head and pull the trigger with glee and sadism. We have only one option, America ; to bury these assholes alive in their own puke ! RISE UP, AMERICA !! THROW YOUR TVs OUT THE WINDOW !! TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS AGAIN, BE READY !!
    “And I looked, and beheld a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”
    We WILL beat them !! America is never going down !!

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