Kim Dotcom to Trump: ‘Declassify or be DESTROYED’

(National SentinelAdvice and Consent: In a rare interview over the weekend, Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom urged President Donald J. Trump to declassify documents exposing Deep State corruption or “be destroyed.”

Dotcom’s “advice” came on the heels of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just days before he was set to receive his full retirement after 21 years of service for lying to investigators probing the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal by the bureau and Justice Department.

His comments also come after President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter to lambast the McCabe, the “fake news” media and special counsel Robert Mueller, who he said should never have been appointed as special counsel because his 2016 campaign did not collude with Russia.

“The deep state hates you Donald. You’re an anomaly, unpredictable. You weren’t supposed to happen. You triggered an allergic reaction. They won’t stop until you’re gone,” Dotcom tweeted. “Mueller will succeed unless you strike back where it hurts. DECLASSIFY. Expose their crimes. Be .”


“You have the power to declassify anything @realDonaldTrump,” Dotcom said in another tweet. “Any action the deep state took to target Americans, to break the law, to breach the constitution. You can expose them and their numerous crimes. You can save your country and your presidency with TRUTH!”

Earlier, Trump tweeted comments about the political make-up of Mueller’s prosecutorial team, adding again that there was “no collusion” with Russia.

The Justice Department inspector general, Michael Horowitz, is expected to finish a report summarizing his investigation into the DoJ’s handling of the Clinton investigation this spring. Some of speculated that his report will contain new bombshell revelations regarding those charged with investigating Clinton’s mishandling of classified materials.

Horowitz was the one who recommended that McCabe be fired.

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4 Comments on "Kim Dotcom to Trump: ‘Declassify or be DESTROYED’"

  1. I keep hearing about the Deep state and I agree that it exist and that it his running the government. But what I want to know is. “WHO IS THE HEAD OF THE DEEP STATE”? I am sure our elected officials know the answer to this>

  2. Start with SES; Cristine Marcy…..Field McConnell’s sister.

  3. I’ml sure Marcy is pretty high up in the SES, but I doubt she’s the head of it. If she was, her brother would probably know, and would expose her. At the moment, the most obvious suspect seems to me to be Brennan, but it’s more likely to be somebody most people would never think of.

  4. Seth Rich is also the person who copied the DNC files on site and gave them to Julian Assange. He was probably the victim of one of the members of the Clinton Hit Squad. I suspect Obama is largely responsible for the corruption we’re watching unfold with the FBI and DoJ – I keep waiting for the trial to culminate in his arrest, but that may take another year. I’m waiting for the military tribunals, because when they begin, things will rapidly fall into place.

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