California’s Democratic AG threatens to ARREST Orange County sheriff for assisting ICE agents

(National SentinelShowdown: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has threatened to arrest Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchins after her county’s board of supervisors voted Wednesday to assist federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

In keeping with the board of supervisor’s decision, Hutchins said that she would be publicly announcing release dates for any illegal immigrants her department is holding — in accordance to federal law — in order to assist ICE.

That decision drew a rebuke from Becerra, who threatened to take any action necessary in order to force Orange County officials to comply with the state’s sanctuary laws that forbid state law enforcement officials from cooperating with ICE in most instances.

“State law is state law. And it is my job to enforce state law. I will do so,” Becerra said during a press conference.

“And we want to make sure that every jurisdiction including Orange County, understand what state law requires of the people and the subdivisions of the state of California,” he continued.

When asked if that meant filing suit against Orange County or even arresting the sheriff, Becerra stepped away from the podium saying, “I think I just answered that.”

During a later interview with Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson, Hutchins said she does not see the current situation as developing into a crisis.

However, she explained that the state law — SB-54 — creating a sanctuary state “does not allow” her to adequately protect her citizenry, as she was tasked to do when elected. She also said publicly posting release dates is “well within the law.”

Watch, via Tucker Carlson/Fox News:

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California is a goner. Include CA when the Wall is built.

Dean Humphus

It seems to me the orchestration of the Oakland mayor Shaaf publicly notifying of an impending ICE raid might well be tied in with X. Becerra himself. I can imagine a deal happening to benefit both mayor and AG on furthering a mutual addenda. And now to twist the dagger, X. Becerra turns the tide and threatens arrest of a sitting Sheriff. This Mr. X is a dangerous one folks. He wants to bat hard ball with a sitting president and try to make a name for himself (actually it is all a publicity stunt. He is, after all, a… Read more »

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