Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez blames “white boys” in latest Leftist propaganda pitch

(National SentinelBrainwashed: Parkland school shooting survivor-turned-celebrity blamed “white boys” for such incidents because they are the “most entitled demographic by far.”

“[I]f bullying caused school shootings, you would see trans shooters, queer shooters, female shooters, POC shooters,” the message Gonzalez retweeted to her nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers said.

“[B]ullying does not cause school shootings; entitlement does. and white boys are the most entitled demographic by far.”

Her follow-up tweet read: “[W]hite boys have been promised wealth, power, and women-as-commodity in all forms of media since childhood. and when they don’t receive it, they react the way mass media has taught them: with glorious violence.”

There is no evidence to support such allegations. However, there is mounting evidence indicating other factors — opioid use, fatherless homes, poverty, and mental illness — have all contributed to such incidents.

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3 Comments on "Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez blames “white boys” in latest Leftist propaganda pitch"

  1. What a nut!

  2. Really? This girl if she is lucky enough to live long enough will look back and say-OMG What was I even thinking? I knew absolutely nothing about the elite cabal bloodlines, the financial bank owners, they pirated wealth and bought control of world government from the inside. They stole the world for their A1and transhumanism to make us into slaves. (Elon Musk agrees with A1as does Putin.)

  3. George Chatraw | May 24, 2018 at 7:42 am | Reply

    How dumb can you be? These kids place the blame for school shootings on congress and the older generation for not “doing something” to stop it. They can’t comprehend it’s their own peers and classmates shooting them because of the way they (shooters) were treated in school by all the other kids. They need to “do something” llke take a look at themselves and how they treat others

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