Who is the ‘Deep State?’ The people undermining POTUS Trump exposed (Video)

(National SentinelIt’s Real: Since President Donald J. Trump took his oath of office he’s been under assault — from leaks, from subversion, from intimidation, and stonewalling of his agenda, by members of the “Deep State,” which a series of experts reveal absolutely does exist.

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As reported by The Daily Caller, most Americans overwhelmingly believe that a Deep State exists and that  “it’s secretly manipulating or directing national policy.”

But who are these people and aren’t they supposed to be working for — not against — the president? And how come they believe they are so untouchable they can mock, defy, and undercut him?

“These are career individuals who essentially have learned how to use the tools of state for their own personal political objectives,” Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a former Army officer with decades of intelligence experience, told The Daily Caller in a recently-released video (see below).

“The concept of the Deep State refers, in the popular imagination, to a group of unelected officials who work within the intelligence community and have the power to frustrate or subvert a sitting president of the United States,” noted award-winning investigative journalist James Rosen. “Maybe even to evict one.”

“A lot of these people cannot be fired, and they consistently leak damaging information about” President Trump, adds Saagar Enjeti, White House correspondent for The Daily Caller.

Watch, via The Daily Caller [Reporting by Vince Coglianese. Video shot and edited by Richie McGinniss]: 

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Bart Scrivener

Look, money talks and bullsh*t walks. The Deep State are those who have amassed trillions and will use the power that that money brings to KEEP amassing trillions more, cause to them, money is the answer to EVERYTHING. As such, it is unequivocally the Rothschilds and Israel that are the DEEP STATE. Do not think, however, that these entities cannot be beaten, because they CAN, by us, the PEOPLE, the ones they fear, the ones they use their money to try and control and make afraid of them. We are NOT afraid. We are not afraid of ANYTHING. As Arnold… Read more »

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