Dershowitz lays waste to ACLU after the org’s REFUSAL to speak out against FBI’s raid of Trump lawyer

(NationalSentinelDouble Standards: Liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz savaged the American Civil Liberties Union on Monday for the civil rights organization’s refusal to come to the assistance of Michael Cohen, President Donald J. Trump’s private lawyer, after FBI agents raided his New York office last week.

During the raid, agents confiscated materials that are likely shielded by attorney-client privilege, yet Dershowitz — who admits he did not vote for Trump — said the ACLU’s silence proves it is a far-Left organization not really interested in defending everyone equally, especially if they hold a different political viewpoint.

“If this were Hillary Clinton, they’d be raising money left and right defending Hillary Clinton’s right,” Dershowitz said.

“But now they’re raising money left and left, attacking Trump and putting the attack on Trump over defending our civil liberties. Why do you think I’m here all the time? Why do you think I’m speaking in favor of man I voted against? Because the ACLU is dead in the water,” he told the Fox News morning program “Fox & Friends.”

“Who has ever heard of the ACLU coming in, justifying, defending but applauding a raid on a lawyer’s office, which may very well have taken material that was lawyer-client?” he added.

Dershowitz accused the civil rights group of having an extreme liberal bias and an organization that has forgotten its original mission of fighting for the rights of all Americans.

“It is absolutely political,” he concluded. “It’s a partisan hard-Left political organization which no longer cares about the civil liberties of all Americans.

“It is agenda driven, money driven and anti-Trump driven,” he concluded.

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Somecu Tename
Somecu Tename

The political left needs more people with integrity like Dershowitz.
Here’s a test: Have government investigate the ACLU for Russian collusion; notify them that their attorney-client privilege has been revoked.
Sit back and watch the backpedaling.
Investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center, a total dirtbag swamp, for advocating violence and criminal acts, as well as fomenting riots and anarchy. Tell them their attorney-client privilege has been revoked. Tell them to hand over all their info on Antifa and Soros.

Dwayne Nelson
Dwayne Nelson

ACLU has long been a hypocritical organization which functions based on the amount of money funneled to them by other hypocrites. An example is their refusal to speak up for multitudes of the poor in NYC when they’re kicked out of their homes by local politicians for the benefit of NY politicians and their accomplicies such as the NYC city Council, Schumer, Cuomo, de Blasio, underhanded real estate developers and numerous others.

Ken Vandiver

The ACLU has been a far Left organization since it was formed.

It should Defend the Civil Liberties of All Americans equally, but it has never done that.


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