Judge Nap to Trump: ‘Deep State coming for your attorney-client privilege’

(National SentinelCorrupt: Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said Monday on “Fox & Friends” that the government will attempt to prove that President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was not practicing law and therefore is not subject to “attorney-client privilege.”

“The government’s theory is that Michael Cohen, though a licensed and practicing lawyer, for the most part, didn’t practice law. He was a fixer. He was a dirty trickster,” Napolitano said.

“If he is not practicing law — if he’s doing these things some of which are lawful, some of which are at the edge. There is no attorney-client privilege,” he added.

“And how are they going to prove that? The government’s going to put Michael Cohen himself on the witness stand today and they’re going to grill him.

“A federal judge … will decide [whether] you were practicing law. Therefore, these are privileged. You are not practicing law, therefore, they’re not privileged,” Napolitano continued.

The legal analyst said the concept of attorney-client privilege should be preserved at all costs.

“The attorney-client privilege is an ancient privilege,” he noted. “If it is privileged, then the government can’t look at it and can’t use it. If it’s not privileged, no matter how damning it is to the president, if she finds that he was not practicing law, that he was a dirty trickster or a fixer, then the government gets to keep all of no matter what it is.”

In court filings in the U.S. District Court of New York, attorneys for Trump said the president — who was granted permission to intervene in the case by a judge on Friday — opposes allowing the government to review materials seized in the FBI’s earlier search of materials seized from Cohen last week.

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kara steinberg
kara steinberg

We could solve the Deep State issue if we just had some guts as a nation and made American country #110 !!


The Judge as usual is just a talker. He told the public many times that Comey was a straight shooter. He misleads people.

How about the privilege of privacy? The judge entirely missed that. Mueller had no right to get involved in this. Rosenstein had not right to allow Mueller to get involved. The raid was political. But the Judge is scared to take on people with power.

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