Judge Nap: Democrats, Deep State operatives trying to FRAME duly-elected POTUS Trump

(National SentinelOperatives: Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano told the “Fox & Friends” morning show on Tuesday that Democrats and Democrat-aligned Deep State operatives have been attempting to frame President Donald J. Trump since before he won the November 2016 election.

“It looks like a brazen plot simply to frame the President of the United States,” said host Steve Doocy regarding the ongoing the Russia probe.

“Yes, it does,” Napolitano replied. “It looks like it was commenced by his most virulent political enemies. Particularly Sid Blumenthal who’s sort of the fixer if you will, for Hillary Clinton and that branch of the Democratic Party.”

“There’s no question that the Democrats are behind a lot of this,” Napolitano noted further.

“There’s also no question but that Mueller’s grand juries have indicted people for crimes that they believe — Mueller’s people believe they can convict them of,” he added.

“Whether it’s money laundering or whether it’s Russian interference with the election.

“I don’t think this has gotten anywhere near the president and I don’t think it will,” Napolitano concluded.

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Bart Scrivener

Just wait till the DemoRATS sweep the 2018 midterms. Then you’re gonna know REAL trouble for the one man who gives a sh*t about America. Funny thing is, we all know who the real infiltrated enemy of America is, but since every man has his price and the flow of cash is never ending, nothing ever happens to rid this country of its nemesis. As such, America DESERVES to fall, and we can all sit back an cry BECAUSE WE LET IT HAPPEN.

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