Report: EPA insiders say administrator Pruitt is being SET UP

(National SentinelCon Job: A one-time Environmental Protection Agency official most likely behind negative media stories involving EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt does not have his facts straight, sources familiar with the agency said.

As reported by The Daily Caller, former Trump campaign official Kevin Chmielewski, also a former EPA deputy chief of staff for operations, supplied congressional Democrats with a lengthy list of accusations regarding Pruitt, claiming “wasteful spending” and a “disregard for ethical and legal requirements.”

The Daily Caller noted further:

Chmielewski is the likely source for media reports surrounding Pruitt’s spending habits and alleged ethical lapses. Chmielewski was removed from his position at EPA for challenging Pruitt, but that hasn’t been confirmed, reports said.

But many of Chmielewski’s claims have been called into question by two sources familiar with Pruitt’s security detail. One source told The Daily Caller News Foundation of Chmielewski’s claims that “more than 60 percent is false, the other 40 percent is information he distorted.”

In one instance Chmielewski alleged “a $30,000 contract with private Italian security personnel entered into by Mr. [Pasquele] Nino Perrotta,” ahead of Pruitt’s attendance of a G7 summit in Italy.

But two sources familiar with Pruitt’s security claimed that never occurred. They added that Perrotta, the special agent in charge of Pruitt’s security details, wouldn’t have the authority to sign a contract like that on his own.

The “special agent in charge has no authority to make purchase agreements or authorize people to make purchases,” one source told The Daily Caller. He would need to get approval from ranking officials in the Office of Criminal Enforcement and Forensic Training, the source noted.

Perrotta did talk with contacts in Italy, but only to gauge what kind and level of security would be normal for a U.S. official of Pruitt’s stature. He wasn’t there to negotiate a five-figure security contract, a second source told The Daily Caller.


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Dwayne Nelson
Dwayne Nelson

Interesting to note that the EPA—and everyone else— kept quiet while Governor Andrew Cuomo, formerly head of HUD, pillaged, savaged, and stole from the agency itself right from under every available nose. Funny (not so) thing about that is he continues to practice these reprehensible criminalities against the state and people he governs.

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