Showdown at the Border: U.S. WARNS migrant caravan NOT to cross

(National SentinelImmigration Reformed: The Trump administration is warning a caravan of about 100 migrants nearing the U.S.-Mexico border not to cross illegally into the United States.

The migrants, mostly from Central America it is believed, arrived in two buses on Tuesday at the border city of Mexicali, without any interdiction from the Mexican government. Their arrival prompted President Donald J. Trump to order troop reinforcements to the border.

The group is part of a caravan of about 1,000 migrants who set out for the U.S. from southern Mexico March 25. Mexicali sits opposite Calexico, California; the group paused there before heading to Tijuana.

Trump ordered National Guard troops to the border earlier this month as the media coverage of the caravan grew. The outsized attention caused a diplomatic rift between the U.S. and Mexico, with Trump accusing the Mexican government of doing little to stop people who are also in that country illegally.

On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security issued a stern warning to the migrants. “If you enter our country illegally, you have broken the law and will be referred for prosecution,” said DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

She added that those who make false immigration claims or who are helping others to do so will also be subject to prosecution.

Some 600 migrants are continuing their journey to the U.S. and are loosely together, hopping trains and taking buses.

The first two buses will be followed by three more, said organizer Irineo Mujica of the migrant rights group People Without Borders, Agence France Presse reported.

Some 200 migrants are going to seek asylum in the U.S., claiming they are fleeing brutal gang violence and political persecution in their home countries, Mujica added.

A few have already been granted asylum in the U.S., he told AFP.

Others may try to cross into the U.S. illegally, said Mujica.

“It’s hard to say, they don’t tell you (they plan to sneak over the border). Some will, but probably not right now. There’s too much pressure because of the troops Trump sent to the border,” he said.

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Close the border entirely and block all money being remitted ti mexico. Lets see how the criminal mexican government likes that.

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