WOW: GOP House candidate says ‘red wave’ coming to California because ‘people are p**sed off’ at far-Left leadership

(National SentinelRed Wave: We’ve already seen a conservative backlash to California’s insane (and highly illegal) “sanctuary state” policies that shield all illegal aliens, even criminals, from federal immigration enforcement officials.

Some cities and counties in the state’s red regions have enjoined a Trump Justice Department lawsuit against California over its law.

Now, a GOP House candidate for California’s 53rd congressional district near San Diego has made a stunning prediction: That a red wave is coming to the Golden State because people are “pissed off” about the far-Left leadership that puts aliens over citizens, among other policies.

Morgan Murtaugh, the youngest person running for Congress in 2018, said that Californians are also revolting against the state’s outrageously high taxes. And she agreed with President Donald J. Trump’s claim at a recent rally in Indiana that Democrats are going to have trouble in November selling the public on higher taxes and opposition to his pro-growth, America-first agenda.

“Everyone keeps saying there’s a blue wave coming, but in California people are really pissed off. Sorry for saying that, but they are. … People are upset with the state of affairs. I really feel a red wave coming out here in California,” she said.

She added that Americans are realizing that much of what remains wrong with the country is the result of policies enacted locally by the American Communist Party, i.e. Democrats.

She noted that her grandparents came to the U.S. from Mexico legally in 1968, so she gets the need to have “good, hardworking immigrants” come to the U.S. the right way.

As for the border in general, she said — correctly — that the president’s efforts to control it amount to a “national security issue,” adding that she’s visited the border with Border Patrol agents who have shown her the issues and problems related to mass illegal immigration.

Murtaugh is running against Rep. Susan Davis, a Democrat who has represented the district since 2003. If her prediction about a “red wave” is true, she should be able to unseat the Leftist incumbent.

Americans cannot rely on Democrats or their Pravda media to tell them the truth about anything, so it makes sense that their claim of a coming “blue wave” is nothing more than wishful thinking.

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1 Comment on "WOW: GOP House candidate says ‘red wave’ coming to California because ‘people are p**sed off’ at far-Left leadership"

  1. Damn right !! It’s about time Californians joined the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I mean, why would anyone in their right mind say NO to a better life ????????
    Trump is working feverishly to improve all aspects of life in the USA, but the DemoRATS somehow feel that taking dirty money under the table far exceeds improving the lives of Americans. Boy, whatever happened to our American government ?
    DRAIN THE SWAMP !! We need better people in there !!

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