Cornyn: FBI’s culture of corruption is COMEY’S fault

(National SentinelRuination: By now it’s become obvious that under the “leadership” of Barack Obama and attorneys general Eric Holder, Jr., and Loretta Lynch, the Justice Department’s hierarchy was transformed into a West Wing political operation.

And while Holder and Lynch were politicizing the DoJ, James Comey was doing the same to the FBI, according to Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas.

During an appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s MSNBC program Saturday, Cornyn laid the blame for the FBI’s dramatic fall from grace during the Obama years at the large feet of Comey.

When asked by Hewitt if the agency had been allowed to lapse back into a culture that existed under one of Comey’s predecessors, J. Edgar Hoover, Cornyn said that Comey had allowed for the creation of a “culture” within the FBI accountable to no one.

“Now Senator, you’ve been a trial judge, you’ve been a Texas Supreme Court justice. You’ve been the Texas Attorney General. Can you explain for us the difference between a “confidential informant” and a spy?” Hewitt asked.

“Well, it’s, you really can’t,” Cornyn responded.

“I mean, a spy is typically, I think of in terms of foreign powers. But here, the FBI was involved in a counterintelligence investigation, I presume and used somebody who had contacted various subjects of their investigation to communicate back to the FBI what they found out. I guess for all practical purposes, for most people, it wouldn’t be any different.”

Said Hewitt:

All right, now it’s a time of great controversy for the FBI, which I’ve always held in the highest esteem. I worked with them when I was at DOJ. And you’ve got Director Comey, his reputation’s in tatters in the eyes of many people.

You’ve got Andrew McCabe referred to the DOJ for prosecution. He’s got his admirers as well. You’ve got Page and Strzok and their texts. You’ve got Bruce Ohr over at the DOJ.

You will remember, you’re my age, so you will remember just reading about the dark days of COINTELPRO and J. Edgar Hoover. Are we back in those dark days?

“Right. Well, unfortunately, I think Director Comey helped create a culture at the FBI that they were accountable to no one,” Cornyn said.

“And unfortunately, that created, I believe, this situation we find ourselves with. [Current FBI Director [Christopher] Wray, I have to tell you, I think is doing an outstanding job,” Cornyn continued.


“But it’s going to be a long time before the reputation of the FBI regains its reputation as a law enforcement organization that has integrity and is above politics.”

Barack Obama once said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” our country. In many ways, he did. And none of it for the better.

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Brian Hill
Brian Hill

With all due respect for Senator Cornyn…no one does anything without Marching Orders from the Boss. You would not risk being the one that jeopardizes the Obama admin…so anything you do receives clearance from the Oval Office. Their only problem was thinking that Hillary was a shoe in. Senator Cornyn has become quite the RINO.


Cornyn appeared on a friendly RINO show to pretend to be tough and interested in the law. Instead, he used mile words such as culture, when the reality is massive corruption and criminality. And, he suggested no tough actions (prosecutions) to fix the culture. I do not see Cornyn use the word corruption.

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