James Woods’ TAKEDOWN of ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi is another EPIC performance

(National SentinelWinners & Losers: Candidate Donald Trump promised Americans “so much winning.” President Trump is delivering on his message, despite being resisted at every turn by the Deep State, RINOs, and agenda-less Democrats.

On Friday, the latest jobs and unemployment numbers were released. They were nothing short of historic.

The unemployment rate has plummeted to 3.8 percent, the lowest it’s been for nearly 20 years. That rate pretty much signals full employment in our country.

Though economists were predicting about 180,000 new jobs, 223,000 were created in May alone.

Those are signs of a booming economy.

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says there’s nothing to see here.

“Crumbs” Pelosi wants everyone to believe that Trump’s economy is nothing special and that historically low unemployment figures for all demographics (black unemployment, at 5.9 percent, is the lowest it’s been since anyone can remember) are really a political loser.

She’s a loser.  And James Woods has her number.

He called out Crumbs on Twitter, as well as the entire Democratic Party:

is terrified that Americans are working again, of course. The entire strategy is based on welfare, illegal immigration, and taxing those who work and create. Misery and poverty are the recruiting engine of the Democratic Party. http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/06/02/nancy-pelosi-downplays-positive-jobs-report-strong-employment-numbers-mean-little ,” he wrote.

Then he tweeted a picture of Friday’s New York Post cover, which touted the May job creation figures:

“Pelosi wants to end this. Remember this in November,” he wrote.

Live Fire Original

Even the #NeverTrump New York Times ran a feature about how great Trump’s economy is:

This is all great news for most Americans. Just not elected Democrats like Crumbs Pelosi.

The Democratic Party is bereft of ideas and an agenda. All they bring to the table is Trump hate and Venezuela.

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Erik Snohdin (@snohdin)

HAHAHAHAHAHA, I like that . . . “Crumbs Pelosi.” HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!

Leon Harte
Leon Harte

SO true! The life blood of Democratic party is misery! Poverty, so they can promise free services; sickness, so they can promise subsidized or free healthcare; unemployment, so they can promise on-going gov’t assistance and free tuition; illegals, so they can promise amnesty; and on it goes. They desperately need people to NEED help, so they can come to their rescue. (Or, at least, they can PROMISE to come to their rescue.) I’m an American who lived in Venezuela for many years, and you can see where Venezuelans are now. They’ve had many decades of abject poverty and government corruption… Read more »

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