These are your DEMOCRATS: Philly mayor caught doing ‘happy dance’ after court rules in favor of criminal illegal aliens (Video)

(National SentinelDisgusting: Don’t ever let a Democrat lie to you and tell you there is no such thing as “voter fraud.”

If that were true, they wouldn’t fight so hard to prevent even criminal illegal aliens from being found and deported.

For Democrats, every time a court rules against the Constitution, the rule of law, and against the Trump administration’s efforts to rid the country of those who are here illegally — especially if they have committed crimes against American citizens — it’s cause for celebration.

It’s another day they will have an opportunity to pander to illegals instead of citizens while using them for votes and to shore up their power.

Earlier this week Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was videoed doing a “happy dance” after another activist federal court ruled his city can remain an illegal sanctuary, even for criminal aliens.

In a report, the Republican Party noted:

Yesterday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney danced with delight over a court ruling allowing his city to continue to provide safe harbor to criminals.

(Reminder: 80% of voters oppose sanctuary cities)

Dancing like a school boy, Mayor Kenney squealed, “We are a sanctuary city!” in celebration with his Chief of Staff.

According to data from ICE, 90% of the illegal immigrants they arrest have a past or pending criminal conviction.

Here’s the video:


Suffice to say these cases are going to eventually make it to the Supreme Court, where they are expected to be overturned, according to most immigration law experts.

At the same time, POTUS Trump continues to name serious constitutionalists who have respect for the rule of law to federal judgeships.


As pathetic as these displays of outright contempt for American citizens are the days when sanctuary city mayors can celebrate lawlessness are numbered.

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Even more pathetic than the Democrats who are the subject of this article, are the Federal Judges and Justices who make rulings like this one. I’ll compromise, and say merely that they should be impeached ( you’re welcome to guess what my true feelings are, about what their fate should be ).


Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is another globalist open borders traitor.

William C Kinney
William C Kinney

Jim Kenney, How can you mock the American citizens safety and sovereignty in favor of illegal criminals. What happens to America when those who govern us disobey our laws. The most disappointing branch of government is our judicial system that has become politicized and have no sense of judging with virtue and justice. That was the leg of the stool the founding fathers created for justice to be served . Justice for the
American citizen is no longer served, and we are no longer a nation of laws.

Erik Snohdin (@snohdin)

Our entire justice system needs to be overhauled. All the venal anti-American, pro-FILL-MY-BANK-ACCOUNT scumbags need to be booted out on their behinds. To actually watch some jerk do a goddamn jig over the idea of bringing chaos and destruction to America is heinous. Kick that jerk out of the building and get a serious noble replacement. This is AMERICA, GODDAMMIT !!


The Kenney character, judges, and those who allow criminalities against the American people are not touched by the activities from illegals. If they were it’s not likely they would applaud.

Lisa Byrne
Lisa Byrne

I dont believe people like this are actually getting elected. In California, where I live, there is NO WAY the election results reflect the voters wishes! NO possible way! And now its happening everywhere! America needs to wake up! They will keep putting THEIR puppets ABOVE US-into positions of power-fraudulently-BECAUSE WE continue to *BELIEVE* that our fellow Americans are stupid enough to vote for these people! Meanwhile your neighbors think the same about YOU! And I doubt that ANYONE is actually voting for these corrupt, dishonest people! NOBODY! Wake up America!

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