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FED UP: Almost 220 Texas school districts allow STAFF to be armed

(National SentinelAction Not Words: Tired of the politicization surround the issue of school shootings across the country, Texas school districts have taken direct action to provide students more protection.

Hundreds of districts have allowed staff to carry concealed firearms rather than continuing the failed policy of “gun-free zones” which are ripe for sadistic killers.

As reported by Corpus Christi Caller-Times:

Between February and May, when two of the deadliest school shootings this year took place, close to 50 school districts in the Lone Star state have revised board policies to allow district staff to carry guns. 

In February, 172 school districts reported adopting such policies to the Texas Association of School Boards. As of May, that number was at 217, said Dax González, TASB’s division director for governmental relations.

Those 217 school districts represent about 21 percent of the 1,023 independent school districts in Texas. 

“This number may continue to grow as districts continue to revise policies,” González said.

It’s sad that in today’s America our culture has deteriorated to the point where ‘school shootings’ have become a thing.

But districts and parents face a stark choice given this reality: Continue the old policy of remaining a ‘gun-free zone’ and keep kids vulnerable or take direct action to dramatically improve chances of survival should, God forbid, their school be targeted.

A growing number of Texas districts are choosing the latter.

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1 Comment on FED UP: Almost 220 Texas school districts allow STAFF to be armed

  1. This is simply a ‘move’ by politicians to ‘show they are doing something’. It makes NO sense for teachers or staff, except maybe safety officer, to carry guns.

    Without ANY legislation, police can be stationed at each school, on rotating basis, already with required training, equipment and immediate communication skills for backup.

    Just what would it take for there to be a police presents at all schools during the day while the kids are there? Maybe one or two officers, relieved/rotated every 2-3 hours?
    At the least this would be great place to allow veterans to use their training, instead of living on the streets homeless!!!

    Each and every school should start with auto-lock entry doors that are actively monitored along with monitored school grounds, 1-2 staff.
    Where is the money for the ‘budget’ ? How much is each ‘life lost’ worth to you.
    I’m sure that every school district budget can re-appropriate funds as needed, maybe 1/2 cent sales tax for immediate needs, whatever it takes !
    Are you sure you want teachers carrying guns? Think about what is being taught in the classrooms now! Teachers are already too stressed.

    Wake-UP and let’s protect our schools!

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