THIS is why CNN is tanking and the rest of the fake news media isn’t trusted

(National SentinelViews Not News: The daily clown show that is CNN continues to prove why the network is tanking and fewer Americans consider it a legitimate news source.

On Thursday House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Dave Brat, R-Virginia, was on with Poppy Harlow — her real name? — to discuss the “migrant child crisis” at the border and, specifically, President Donald Trump’s executive order issued Wednesday to limit separation of children and legitimate families.

From the outset it was clear that Harlow a) couldn’t care less what Brat had to say despite claiming he is an ‘important voice’ on the issue; and b) had one mission and one mission alone: Get Trump.

Because that’s really what the fakestream media is all about these days — getting Trump. These people aren’t concerned about migrant children because if they were they would have pressed Democratic lawmakers just as hard during the Obama administration when he was caging kids and having them wrapped in tin foil blankets.


Time after time Harlow shifts back to her core mission — making all of this about POTUS Trump when clearly it isn’t.

Brat is 100 percent correct: Congress does need to fix this, but without the amnesty that Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing for and without taking away POTUS’ authority to deal with this issue in a manner befitting the level of criminal activity taking place.

Who’s preventing a fix? Democrats.

Harlow’s pathetic “gotcha” attempts lay bare the unseriousness of CNN in general and reveal why the network cannot be viewed as anything but a propaganda instrument of the Left.

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Morgan the Pirate
Morgan the Pirate

“CNN…the network cannot be viewed as anything but a propaganda instrument of the Left”

True. This has been known and publicized for a long time. The only problem is the Left wing public couldn’t care less. The more propaganda the better. After all, these people are communists and propaganda is what they love and do best.

Michael Dee
Michael Dee

CNN has turned into a traitorous, criminal organization’ There has too be someway to shut them down. They are trying to destroy this country, by pitting everybody against each other.
I literally despise CNN.I wish Isis would detonate that place


Harlow lacks the cognitive ability to debate someone like Brat.

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